During the COVID-19 pandemic Professor Ishaque is still able to offer remote consultations and treatment to those suffering from back pain and leg pain. Please contact us for further details.


We’re proud to have helped hundreds of patients with their health issues. Below is a small selection of their testimonials.

“Thank you doesn’t even come close to the gratitude I have for your professionalism, quiet confidence and the excellent work you and your team did on giving me a quality of life I never thought I’d get back.”

Georgina Left

February 2014

“Thank you doesn’t even come close to the gratitude I have for your professionalism, quiet confidence and the excellent work you and your team did on giving me a quality of life I never thought I’d get back. The pain I had been in since May 2012 was excruciating, I had been through months of physiotherapy all to no avail.”

“Mr Ishaque always took the necessary time to explain all I needed to know, and more, in simple layman’s terms.”

Nigel Barrett

January 2014

“I requested to be referred to Mr Ishaque, I had done some research and was particularly drawn to the fact Mr Ishaque viewed surgery as the last option and, where possible, preferred to administer injections to assist with a more natural resolution. Within 7 days I was sitting in front of Mr Ishaque and I can honestly say I have never been made to feel more at ease by anyone in the medical profession as I did by Mr Ishaque.  Immediately I saw someone who was fantastically efficient but never rushed and took a deep interest in my problems.”

“Mr Ishaque is not only one of the most professional people I have met but also one of the kindest.”

Sean Weston

January 2014

“Mr Ishaque is not only one of the most professional people I have met but also one of the kindest.  He successfully treated one of the symptoms of my disability and was extremely supportive in my efforts to secure a better working environment. I am very grateful to him.”

“I met Mr Ishaque who impressed with his warm manner and I immediately felt at ease.”

Cherry Bromhead

January 2014

“I met Mr Ishaque who impressed with his warm manner and I immediately felt at ease. Within 10 minutes Mr Ishaque had got all the information he needed, clarified with me that he knew what I was going through (little comments about "other" discomforts that I was feeling but had forgotten to mention!) and best of all said, I can fix it.”

“Mr Ishaque performed my surgery in April and now 6 months later I am pain free”

Keith Lyndon

November 2013

“I exercise daily on a treadmill and feel stronger every day. Not bad for a 73 year old!”

“At the first meeting I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy, immediately feeling at ease with Mr Ishaque”

David Chance

November 2013

“In summary,  I would like to say thank you to Mr Ishaque, Dr Da Silva and to Linda who have not only taken care of my physical well being but have also alleviated all the mental anguish that can go with these conditions.  I have recommended Mr Ishaque to others and will continue to do so.”

“My sincere gratitude for what has been life changing treatment.”

Robert Wilding

September 2013

“Purely by chance I was referred to Mr Ishaque after months of unmanageable pain and immobility.  His attention to detail, explanatory approach and personal reassurance was by far the most positive episode in my treatment over the last 5 years. ”

“I would definitely recommend him and his team to anyone suffering with back problems.”


August 2013

“The best news is that recently my husband and I were able to go on holiday abroad again. I really enjoyed it. He commented on the change in me, compared to when we last went on holiday a few years ago. This is the first holiday in a long time that was not ruled by my back problem!”

“I cannot thank Mr Ishaque, Doctor da Silva and Secretary Linda enough, they have shown me such kindness”


August 2013

“ The past few years have been the most difficult in my life but my progress started when I was put under Mr Ishaques care. I now walk 45 minutes daily and feel in control and am enjoying my life again. ”

“In February 2013, I underwent a 5 hour operation, in which Mr M Ishaque, and his team, reconstructed my neck. I was up and walking about the next day!”

Stuart Rollinson

August 2013

“I would like to extend my thanks and extreme gratitude to Mr Ishaque for what he has done for me, it is nothing short of amazing. He also has an amazing team working alongside him with Mr Da Silva, a top class anaesthetist and not least, Mrs Linda Hamilton, his PA without, whose help and professionalism, this would have been a much more painful experience”

“Always friendly and professional treating me as an individual and always putting me at ease.”

Sue Jackson

August 2013

“On the day I was treated by the whole team professionally in a friendly manner and on discharge from hospital was reassured that if I had any problems I just needed to contact them.”

“Mr Ishaque and his team not only demonstrate these skills but also kindness and professionalism at every step of the way”

Lynne Horsfield

August 2013

“It is a daunting experience having major surgery so having trust and confidence in your surgeon is essential, I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ishaque, I am now completely pain free and back to the active life I had before my surgery thanks to him.”

“I cannot thank the team enough.”


August 2013

“The whole experience was initiated by the contacting of Linda Hamilton, who made every effort to ensure smooth running, consultation with Mr Ishaque who gave me absolute confidence that he could perform a most difficult operation successfully, especially having been told by the NHS consultant that nothing could be done.”

“I have recommended your services to 2 of my closest friends and they are also extremely pleased with their outcome”

Roger Kendrick

August 2013

“Thank you also for the very professional manner which Dr Da Silva and your secretary Linda Hamilton gave me over the last 2 years.”

“It was very comforting that he was prepared to look at all options before going under the knife as it were !”

Nigel Walker

August 2013

“If only more medical practitioner of all types took this approach today we would all be less inclined to jump to drugs and operations which in some cases are not the best solution.”

“I am now 6 months from recovery, and I am back surfing, horse riding and generally enjoying life with little regard for my back stopping me.”

Mark Willott

July 2013

“Having an excellent surgeon and medical team. There is no doubt in my mind that my surgery has been such a success due to the skill of Mr Ishaque. His professionalism and manner gave me confidence throughout and his competence as a surgeon is evident in my quick recovery, the neatness of my scar, and the fact that every day is no longer about my back.”

“If you have any back problems do not hesitate to see him.”

Mr R D Phipps

July 2013

“He listens to what you have to say about your problems before he examines you. He then takes time to explain all the options you have.”

“The skill of a surgeon is also in knowing when NOT to operate and I couldn’t agree more”

H Bates

July 2013

“ cannot find the words to express my enormous gratitude and admiration to Mr Ishaque and his team – Dr da Silva, the anaesthetist who looked after me throughout both procedures and ensured that any pain was kept to an absolute minimum and Linda Hamilton whose professionalism, communication and expertise ensured that all I had to do was literally turn up! Thank you Linda!”

“I would happily recommend him to anyone who is experiencing back trauma.”

Kelvin Elson-Whittaker

June 2013

“I would like to thank Mr Ishaque and his medical team for the professional way they have dealt with my medical condition. This included having an epidural which was explained and carried out without any pain or fear on my part.”

“I cannot thank Mr Ishaque and his team enough for all their time, skill and knowledge in effectively re-building my spine and giving me a much valued new lease of life.”


May 2013

“Now, 6 months after the operation, I feel I have recovered my life back due to the extraordinary skill and knowledge of Mr Ishaque and his team. I can walk for almost an hour and a half and expect to be able to increase this as I progress further and hope to be cycling again in a few months’ time.”