I can never thank Mr Ishaque and his team enough. I am now living a normal life.

Jeanette Jordan

March 2015

I met Mr Ishaque in January 2014 for an initial consultation. From the moment I met him he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. After having a MRI scan we discovered that I had problems with some discs in my lower back. Reluctant to operate we decided to go down the pain relief route via steroid injections. Unfortunately, this did not work so we discussed epidural. I was willing to give anything a go as I was in so much pain. The epidural gave a small amount of relief but at this time I was neither exercising nor doing anything to exertive. This was not the way I wanted to lead my life. I had always been a person that walked a lot and exercised at least 3 times a week.

Mr Ishaque therefore recommended that I have disc fusion. I was afraid of having such major surgery as the only other time I had been in hospital was when I had my children. He discussed the procedure with me and explained things that may go wrong, but the whole time he made me feel very confident of his expertise.

I decided to proceed as I wanted to live a ‘normal life' again and be pain free. He booked me in for surgery in May 2014. My stay at the Priory was fantastic. The care I received from Mr Ishaque and his team was second to none. It is now March 2015 and I have made a full recovery. I am now walking and exercising as I was prior to my injury. I am still under Mr Ishaque’s care and I am due for a X-Ray in May at which point I will see him again.

I can never thank Mr Ishaque and his team enough. I am now living a ‘normal life’.