During the COVID-19 pandemic Professor Ishaque is still able to offer remote consultations and treatment to those suffering from back pain and leg pain. Please contact us for further details.


We’re proud to have helped hundreds of patients with their health issues. Below is a small selection of their testimonials.

“Thank you to everyone in the team and at the priory especially thanks to Mr Ishaque, you are an inspiration”

Joanne Dolan

April 2013

“I just want to say a bit about my care in the hospital, It was such an emotive experience but I was looked after so well, Dr DaSilva was so kind and caring, my recuperation was his main focus he was there to help me get up on my feet, literally holding my hand, I'll never forget that.”

“Mr Ishaque has worked closely with my physiotherapist, resulting in much improved physical condition which, significantly, is now almost pain free.”

Sue P

April 2013

“I would have no hesitation in recommending a consultation with Mr Ishaque for anyone experiencing similar symptoms to mine.”

“Mr Ishaque fully explained all of the procedures he was endeavouring to do prior to any treatment which as a new patient is enormously reassuring.”

D Fletcher

April 2013

“I have had several operations and at no time was I ever in any doubt that Mr Ishaque and his team would ever let me down.”

“To date the treatment has proved entirely successful.”

John Killoch

March 2013

“I have nothing but admiration for Mr.Ishaque and his team, including his P.A. Linda Hamilton his P.A”

“I would recommend Mr Ishaque based on my results”

Ian Horton

February 2013

“I had three months of severe lower back and leg pain. I had one consultation followed up with one successful treatment and have since been pain free – excellent!!”

“A big Thank you to Mr Ishaque, His lovely PA Linda and the Staff at BMI Priory for getting me back on the road of recovery so swiftly.”

M Bashir

January 2013

“Over a period of nine months, I went through two ‘epidural’type procedures, each time I noticed an improvement.  The process was as described, seamless and remained highly professional between Mr Ishaque and BMI Priory Staff.”

“If you are undergoing any treatment from him and his team you can rest assure that you are in the best possible hands.”

J Roberts

January 2013

“Mr Ishaque and his team have filled me with the up most confidence and reassurance”

“I have my life back and I could not be more grateful, Thank you.”

Jason Usherwood

January 2013

“For 8 years I struggled, lived on pain killers and was told what I had was just a muscle strain”

“At all times I received an excellent standard of care from both Mr. Ishaque and his team delivered in a very professional but friendly way.”

Ian Muir

January 2013

“I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Ishaque unreservedly to anyone looking for expert medical attention in this extremely exacting field.”

“Mr Ishaque gave me confidence that my condition was being treated in the best possible way”

Susan Ellis

January 2013

“There was no feeling that an operation was inevitable, as has proved to be the case.”

“Mr Ishaque came to my rescue”


December 2012

“Mr Ishaque is a very nice, polite, warming person and is clearly at the very top of his profession. His understanding of the mechanics of the body is extensive and the manner in which he conducts himself is very professional, whilst still managing to maintain a very personal touch. I would recommend Mr. Ishaque to anybody who is suffering with back pain; he certainly seems to have the magic touch!”

“I want to thank you and your team for all the care and treatment I received”

R A Brookes

December 2012

“I can get on with my every day life. So I would like to say, once again, thank you.”

“Our whole family are truly grateful for the sensitivity and love (and of course Mr Ishaque) showed my mother some months back.”

Mr M Bangash

November 2012

“I am pleased to say she has had great benefit from the operation and I am certain your vigilance and care has greatly contributed to the outcome”

“I am more than pleased with the outcome.”

Mary Withers

October 2012

“After x rays, scans and a full examination, my consultant Mr Ishaque recommended a procedure which consisted of three injections into my lower back. This he did most professionally and it has cured the pain.”

“My condition has now improved significantly”

Mr P G Smith

September 2012

“Following the diagnoses through to the treatment and subsequent aftercare, I have been impressed with the quality of service provided by all those involved.”

“My only regret is quite simply not meeting with him sooner.”

Joseph Mackey

September 2012

“At last I was in the hands of proactive consultant who before offering the solution, wanted to know the problem, and it had only taken me 15 years to find one!”

“Mr Ishaque explains things in a quiet, patient and knowledgeable way and spends as much time with you as you need”

Wayne Addison

September 2012

“His team are equally kind and helpful. My brief admission to the hospital for steroid injections was managed faultlessly and efficiently.”

“The vast improvement means already I can once again participate in the various sporting activities I enjoy”

Sian Davis

September 2012

“For anyone who is suffering and who is considering whether to proceed with surgery, I implore you to visit Mr Ishaque. As in my case......it could just change your life.”

“Since I have had the operation I have had a new lease of life”

Mrs Janice Fisher

September 2012

“Since I have had the operation I have had a new lease of life. I no longer have the constant pains in my shoulder and neck, or the constant throbbing and pins and needles in my arm.”

“I have to say that I cannot thank Mr Ishaque, you and his team enough for 'giving me my life back'.”

Emma Bowen

September 2012

“I know it seems a bit of a cliche but genuinely that is how I feel now and have only recently felt this way after finally getting over my operation and returning to relative normality.”