I remember feeling a sense of relief as I explained my pain and discomfort and actually felt he understood what I was going through.

Stuart Watton

August 2014

After nearly 6 months of severe back pain and little to no help from my GP I had to seek further help to sort out my problem. An MRI scan had diagnosed a disc herniation that was pressing on my nerve root.

I am lucky enough to have Private Medical Insurance and after contacting them they made an appointment for me to see Mr Ishaque at the BMI Priory Hospital in Birmingham.

I met Mr Ishaque for the first time back in February 2014 and I remember feeling a sense of relief as I explained my pain and discomfort and actually felt he understood what I was going through.

He booked me in for a set of nerve blocking injections along with an Epidural.

I had the injections and a course of Physiotherpay and although it helped short term I was soon in more pain than before. I couldn’t sleep at night, walk more than 10 yards or ever get in a position where the pain would subside.

I was developing a lumbar shift that I couldn’t correct and feared an operation would be needed.

I saw Mr Ishaque for a second time in May 2014. He was as sympathetic as ever and told me there was a 10% chance my body would reject the injections and I had fell into this small failure rate.

I was sent for another MRI scan and booked in for another set of injections.

I was taken down for my injections in a wheelchair as I could barely stand let alone walk.

This time from day one things felt different. I actually walked about later that same day and the pain was manageable. I still continued with my pain killers for another 4 weeks then saw Mr Ishaque again.
He was extremely pleased with my progress. I then had another 6 weeks of Physiotherapy, this time at The Dudley Physiotherapy Clinic where I was seen by Tarn Jones. We discussed a suitable exercise program that I strictly adhered to.

Things were definitely better. I saw Mr Ishaque again after this time and we talked about my progress and he explained the injection procedure to me in great detail. He was happy to discharge me as he could do no more at this time as things had significantly improved.

It is now August 2014 and I am now back in the gym lifting weights. Yes it has been hard work doing my core stability exercises every day and taking things steady, but I’m mobile and active again something I thought would never return. I never want to experience pain like it again but if I do I know where to go. I honestly thought an operation would have been required and I’m sure other consultants would have operated.

I can’t thank Mr Ishaque, the Anaesthetist and all the staff enough at the BMI Priory Birmingham and wish them all the best for the future.

Many thanks