During the COVID-19 pandemic Professor Ishaque is still able to offer remote consultations and treatment to those suffering from back pain and leg pain. Please contact us for further details.

Is back pain, hip pain or leg pain affecting your quality of life? Don’t put up with it any longer.

Professor Mushtaque Ishaque is one of the UK's leading orthopaedic specialists and he has helped thousands of patients from Birmingham and all over the world discover a new lease of life, free of pain and without undergoing surgery.

“Having suffered from severe back, leg and hip girdle pain myself, I know how it can affect a patient and their loved ones: how it can render you immobile for days on end, unable to do the things you once enjoyed without a second thought.

What most sufferers don’t realise that their back pain or leg pain is actually a spinal issue, so it can be misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all - causing prolonged and unnecessary suffering for patients. My practice is dedicated to diagnosing the real source of your pain using the latest MRI imaging technology and then developing a treatment plan which is graduated and personalised to your individual needs, using conservative and minimally-invasive options (such as spinal injections) first.

My ethos is that surgery must always be the last resort. In fact, most patients don’t need surgery - even if they have already been told by other consultants that they do need surgery. I routinely offer my patients a minimally-invasive approach so that they experience the best possible outcomes with the least amount of disruption to their lives. I hope that I can help you too, just as I have helped thousands of others before you.”

Professor Mushtaque A. Ishaque

Consultant Spinal Surgeon

BSc(Hons) MB BChir(Cantab) DM FRCS FRCS(Ed) FRCS(Orth)

Our services and what we treat

Most of our patients come to us without having had a formal diagnosis as to what is causing their back pain or leg pain. They may have had some treatment attempted, but the real source of the pain is still unknown. Our job is to take control of the situation, quickly find the cause of the pain by utilising the latest MRI scanning technology and Professor Ishaque's decades of expertise, and then implement a full management plan to ease the pain.

We also welcome patients who are looking for a second opinion. Professor Ishaque frequently sees patients who have been told they need surgery, when in fact other non-invasive treatment may be more suitable.

The patient journey

We pride ourselves in offering a swift service where an initial consultation appointment can be made, diagnostic tests performed and a full diagnosis and personalised treatment plan created for you by Professor Ishaque - in just one week.

Introducing Ms Linda Hamilton

Linda has been Professor Ishaque's private secretary for many years, and is frequently praised by patients for her dedication to making the patient journey as smooth as possible for them. She will be your primary contact for any queries while you are under our care.

Initial consultation

At our clinic in Birmingham or even as a remote appointment, Professor Ishaque will listen carefully to you to understand your issues and may also conduct some basic tests during the initial 30 minute appointment. You’ll be able to ask any questions and voice any concerns you may have about your care in a safe, supportive environment.


If Professor Ishaque deems it necessary, full diagnostic tests such as an MRI and a standing X-ray may be ordered so that he can make an informed diagnosis. These can take place with the results available just 3-4 days after the initial consultation.

Followup consultation and personalised treatment plan

A follow up appointment would have already been booked in anticipation of the test results being available. Professor Ishaque will discuss these with you, and put together a personalised treatment plan (such as spinal injections) to put you on the road to recovery with regular assessments of how your condition is improving.

Surgery (as a last resort)

If Professor Ishaque feels that surgery would be the best option for you, he will be able to refer you to a surgeon who performs that operation regularly to ensure that you have the best chance of the getting the best outcome.


“What a fantastic and professional service I have received, helping me to avoid surgery and return to running again.”

I was suffering from constant lower back and right leg pain, following a MRI scan, a nerve root block injection and several physiotherapy sessions, I am now pain free and back to living my best life, within 3 months, all thanks to Professor Ishaque and his brilliant team.

“I have found Professor Ishaque very open and honest about my condition and very clear around what to expect.”

A few years ago I began suffering from pain in my lower back, which grew steadily worse over time to the point where I decided to seek medical help. Initial consultations, not with Professor Ishaque, concentrated around hip damage but the scans showed everything was fine and the only advice I was given was to have physiotherapy. This didn’t help at all but fortunately my physiotherapist recommended Professor Ishaque and I’m very glad she did.

Contact us

If you’d like to make an appointment, please email info@thebackpainandlegpainspecialist.com or telephone 0121 446 1674 to speak to a member of our team.