During the COVID-19 pandemic Professor Ishaque is still able to offer remote consultations and treatment to those suffering from back pain and leg pain. Please contact us for further details.


We’re proud to have helped hundreds of patients with their health issues. Below is a small selection of their testimonials.

“He is 100% a true professional.”

Ann P Deeming

April 2012

“From the moment you meet him you are put at ease and know that you are in safe hands. ”

“I can now reach my feet again, I am taking regular exercise and enjoying my new-found mobility.”

Sue Adams

March 2012

“If you are reading this and your back problem is limiting your quality of life then I would urge you to see Mr. Ishaque and give him a chance to help you.”

“You put us at ease, your diagnosis and treatment has improved my husbands health”

Roger Barnsley

March 2012

“ You came highly recommended when we were looking for a spinal consultant to help relieve Roger from his chronic back pain. ”

“Thank you very, very, much for what you have done for me, words cannot express the relief I now feel or the appreciation I feel”

Emma Bowen

March 2012

“You fully explained the whole surgery so I could understand and were very attentive post operation.”

“I saw Mr Ishaque at his consulting rooms, I immediately felt at ease with him.”

Michael Powell

February 2012

“Putting me at ease in what were difficult times, I have every confidence in Mr Ishaque and would not hesitate to use him again if needed. I recommend that anybody looking for expert medical treatment in this very exacting field to contact Mr Ishaque. Thank you for putting my life back on track.”

“Thank you Mr Ishaque and your team.”

M D North

February 2012

“ Having decided  that I needed the problem resolving  swiftly I arranged a consultation with Mr Ishaque at The Priory Hospital Edgbaston. I was not disappointed, his refreshing direct and no nonsense approach resulted in an Epidural Injection which now enables me to move freely and pain free pain.”

“My life is back on track and all I can offer you is my sincere thanks for all you have done.”

Andrew James Wood

February 2012

“To me Mr. Ishaque is a wonderful, first class, Spinal Surgeon who saw the solution to my back problems the instant he viewed my MRI scans.”

“I cannot thank and praise Mr Ishaque enough for his expertise, his kindness and reassurance”

Joanne Saggs

February 2012

“In short, Mr Ishaque has given me life back – and whilst that may sound a little over-dramatic, believe me it isn’t when you have been relieved of such persistent, excruciating pain.”

“Mr Ishaque operated on my back for an herniated disc. I found him down to earth and approachable.”

Anne Worthington

January 2012

“I would have no compunction in recommending Mr Ishaque wholeheartedly as a person in whom one could have complete trust.”

“Mr Ishaque is an immensely skilled surgeon but his reassuring manner and care for his patient’s wellbeing are what I will always remember.”

Claire Pennycooke

January 2012

“After having the surgery I have gone from someone who struggled to walk across the road or sleep for more than three hours at a time to someone who managed a 16 mile walk at the weekend, goes to Pilates classes and who is going skiing again.”

“I believe he is an excellent surgeon and most of all one of the “good guys”.”

Gill Hubble

January 2012

“Mr Ishaque is so approachable I never once felt that I could not ask him a question and I knew that whatever I asked he would answer me truthfully and in language that I understood.”

“From my very first appointment with Mr Ishaque I found him to be a very pleasant gentleman.”

J E Knight

January 2012

“Whilst my medical problem was being discussed I felt relaxed and at ease.”

“I had excellent treatment from Mr Ishaque and his team throughout my procedures”

Andre Knapp

January 2012

“Mr Ishaque took the time to clearly explain the implications of each procedure arrange mutually suitable appointments, answered my questions in layman’s language and generally gave me confidence in his ability to perform very complicated procedures. ”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ishaque to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

Mark Parrot

January 2012

“He was always extremely happy to talk me through every step of my recovery, and always made time to allay any concerns I might have.”

“His warm and friendly manner puts you at ease, and you will soon feel like you have known him for a long time.”

E King

January 2012

“I would highly recommend Mr Ishaque as a consultant because of his professional and personal service, and would like to thank him for his care. ”

“The procedure that you and your team carried out at The Priory removed that pain and has enabled me to return to a normal life. ”

Keith Knight

January 2012

“I would like to thank you for the way in which you have treated me as a person and as a patient”

“Consultations with Mr Ishaque put me at ease, his attitude left me feeling confident that I was in safe hands.”

Lorraine U

January 2012

“I found him to be extremely professional, approachable, patient, and confident in his abilities.”

“The difference to my life is incredible.”


December 2011

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you immensely for what you’ve done for me.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ishaque to potential patients. ”

P Street

December 2011

“Mr Ishaque listens to his patients and ensures concerns are dealt with. His personal style naturally puts you at ease.”

“I always felt confident in Mr Ishaques ability to carry out this dangerous and for me life changing operation”

Peter Barney

November 2011

“His calming personality and ability as an Orthopedic surgeon are immaculate, so with that I would like to thank Mr Ishaque for all his good work , and in the nicest possible way hope I don't see him again.”