During the COVID-19 pandemic Professor Ishaque is still able to offer remote consultations and treatment to those suffering from back pain and leg pain. Please contact us for further details.


We’re proud to have helped hundreds of patients with their health issues. Below is a small selection of their testimonials.

“I shall always be indebted to him and would recommend him to anyone who is putting up with any back pain.”

Cherry Bromhead

July 2012

“Not only did Mr Ishaque completely understand all my problems, he confirmed the symptoms with me and then gave me the news that he could fix it!”

“I wish I had gone earlier!”

Carolynne Clarke

July 2012

“I had a spinal block operation and it was a great success I am now pain free totally active an would recommend Mr Ishaque to anyone.”

“I was discharged from Mr Ishaque’s clinic feeling like a different person”

A E Meadows

July 2012

“He is an invaluable source of knowledge, advice and surgical expertise, and is always kind, reassuring and friendly.”

“I can honestly say that the treatment from start to finish was second to none”

Amanda Jones

July 2012

“BDuring the first consultation (only a few days after booking the appointment) and initial meeting with Mr Ishaque I soon realised that I was in safe hands. Throughout all of my treatment each procedure was explained fully and I was given the opportunity to ask further questions whenever necessary.”

“There can only be one thing more reassuring than having your spinal surgeon admiring his own work, and that is, knowing that you are pain free and your life is rapidly getting back on track.”

Sue Gorman

July 2012

“I highly recommend Mr Ishaque, and I cannot thank him enough for giving me back a quality of life I was beginning to think after years of pain, I’d never have again.”

“The treatment and care I have received from Mr. Ishaque and his team has been first class”


June 2012

“From the first consultation, made through a very efficient P.A. Ms. Linda Hamilton, to receiving steroid injections under anaesthetic for which I have experienced an excellent result.”

“I have received exceptional standards of care from all of the team involved and for that I would to thank each and every one of them.”

Derek Massey

June 2012

“During my stay in hospital it became evident that all of the staff (nurses, physiotherapists and porters alike) have a great deal of respect for Mr Ishaque and don't hesitate to say so. This level of respect has to be earned and speaks volumes about his professionalism and ability.”

“We cannot recommend the team highly enough.”

Tom and Myra McConaghy

June 2012

“From the onset they not only put us both at our ease, but for their highly professional and caring manner during the whole of our treatment.”

“Mr. Ishaque and his excellent team have put me back on my feet.”

Andrija Matejic

June 2012

“From the initial consultation, scans and treatment at the Priory Hospital, everything is explained and carried out very professionally by a highly trained team.”

“At 60 I can now continue to ski and play tennis”

Jacqueline Thompson

June 2012

“A friend recommended Mr Ishaque to me at the Priory. Mr Ishaque gave me a prompt diagnosis that I had slipped some discs. He clearly described the procedures involved to aid recovery and the treatment recommneded was excellent.”

“I placed a lot of faith in Mr Ishaque – so much could have gone wrong, but it is testament to his skill and expertise that I am now so fit and well”

Trevor Norris

June 2012

“r Ishaque has a very reassuring manner and I believe this is founded on his unquestionable expertise in his field.  He tells it straight and in a fairly easy to understand, non-medical language, what it means and what he expects of you.  It is inevitable that there are risks associated with surgery, and these were made very clear and understandable.”

“Six months on from my operation, it absolutely was the right decision and I cannot thank the team or praise them highly enough for my care.”

Liz Carnell

June 2012

“Throughout that time Mr Ishaque made sure that I was in control and had the right information to make the right choices.”

“I cannot thank you enough for freeing me from the pain of spinal stenosis”

Margaret Campbell

May 2012

“Your skill and expertise, your kindness and caring attention, both in consultations and in hospital, are unsurpassed.”

“Everything was competed quickly and efficiently whilst feeling that you could take all the time you needed as a patients.”

Christine E Washbrook

May 2012

“Every stage of my procedures were fully explained with possibilities for positive or negative outcomes, I never once felt in the dark or in the presence of a surgeon who merely wanted to operate.”

“My life has now been transformed, making a great difference to me and my family.”

Avineet Najran

May 2012

“Following the surgery the aftercare was wonderful Mr Ishaque advised and monitored medication, and recommended physiotherapy, all to ensure that my recovery was achieved effectively and swiftly.”

“I would like to thank Mr Ishaque and his team for the excellent care that I have received over the last twelve month”

Louise Jackson

April 2012

“Having spinal surgery is a big decision to make and the thorough process that I was guided through culminating in surgery (which has been very successful) was very expertly handled”

“An excellent professional who I could not recommend highly enough.”

Danielle and Julian Grant

April 2012

“My husband and I have received treatment and care, both have undergone epidural and spinal surgery. Mr Ishaque is fastidious in his attention to detail, and as patients we are both fully recovered and discharged.”

“He made me feel entirely at ease, confident that I will receive the best care available and I have no hesitation whatsoever in offering my full recommendation of him.”

Roger Brown

April 2012

“Mr. Ishaque was highly recommended to me by a fellow Surgeon and I have found him to be approachable, professional, clear and concise in his explanation of my condition.”

“I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Mr Ishaque and his well chosen team.”

Jacqui Rose

April 2012

“I must also mention Linda who I have had to contact on several occasions. I have always found her to be most pleasant and very helpful.  If anyone reading this is looking for a skilful surgeon, and a really nice guy then they should look no further than Mr Ishaque.”

“At the first consultation I was quite nervous but was soon put at ease. Mr Ishaque is very professional, friendly and caring.”

Susan Bradnack

April 2012

“The whole team were amazing. Linda Hamilton, Mr Ishaque’s Secretary was always on the end of the phone if I had a query.”