My life has begun again thanks to Mr Ishaque and his team and I will be forever grateful for what they have done for me.

Sharon Clarkson

February 2014

Having suffered with back pain for 15 years as a result of a car accident and following an operation which attempted to fuse my discs which failed carried out by another surgeon I was finally referred to Mr Ishaque, Having been through a year of further more intense pain than before as you can imagine the thought of further surgery was the last thing I wanted but the pain was so debilitating that I had to do something, fortunately I was referred to Mr Ishaque.

From my first meeting with him I was struck by his professionalism and understanding of my condition and following tests and scans he recommended an operation to fuse three vertebrae in my lower back to eliminate my back pain once and for all.

He clearly explained to me the risks involved prior to my consenting to surgery and the process of recovery.

When the day of the operation arrived I checked into the Priory and both he and his associate Dr Da Silva the anaesthetist came and spent time with me running through what was about to happen.

When I came around I was kept in intensive care with a nurse permanently at my side administering pain relief as I required it and keeping me comfortable at all times. Once on the ward I had daily visits from either Mr Ishaque or Dr da Silva throughout my stay ensuring that I had the correct pain relief and checking on my progress. I must say that I could not have asked for greater care than I received during my extended stay in hospital and this was in marked contrast to the experience of the operation I had previously.

Since being released from hospital I have had regular appointments with Mr Ishaque following up on my progress and I am pleased to say that now some 7 months after the operation my mobility has greatly improved and is getting better everyday, it is like I have got my life back.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ishaque to anyone who has serious back pain, he is a caring professional who takes pride in his work and always takes as much time as you need during appointments. I should also like to thank his colleague Dr da Silva who is very caring and professional also and his assistant Linda Hamilton both of whom made the whole experience as easy as possible for me.

My life has begun again thanks to Mr Ishaque and his team and I will be forever grateful for what they have done for me.