I cannot thank the team enough.


August 2013

I recently had my 12 month check on my spinal operation with Mr Ishaque. His explanation with the use of x-rays, before and after the surgery really show up the degeneration and wonderful reconstruction that has taken place.

Mr Ishaque has achieved every goal, mobility, pain removal, improved quality of life.

The caution that care must be taken of the remaining vertebrae can of course only be done by me, so hovering and washing up are definitely out!

Last week I went on holiday with my 2 grandsons, being able to explore rock pools, job and play tennis in moderation, are things I could only dream of a year ago.

The whole experience was initiated by the contacting of Linda Hamilton, who made every effort to ensure smooth running, consultation with Mr Ishaque who gave me absolute confidence that he could perform a most difficult operation successfully, especially having been told by the NHS consultant that nothing could be done. The expertise and professionalism of Dr E.J. da Silva, the theatre team and highest quality of nursing care have all contributed to this life changing conclusion.

I cannot thank the team enough.