It’s not a job, it’s a vocation. This saying should be attributed to Mr Mushtaque Ishaque.

Tracey Gee

April 2014

“It’s not a job, it’s a vocation” This saying should be attributed to Mr Mushtaque Ishaque. At 48 I had spent over 35 years suffering progressively worsening back pain. Petrified of needles and fearful of an operation, I was reluctant to proceed with any surgical procedures offered to me. Then my friend recommended Mr Ishaque and his pioneering surgery technique for administering steroid injections under general anaesthetic. My first meeting with Mr Ishaque was inspiring. He made me feel completely at ease with his genuine, empathic and unassuming manner. I felt assured and safe under his care, enough to proceed with the injections. All the processes carried out at the BMI Priory hospital prior to the surgical procedure were done so in a professional, friendly manner and my consultation appointments with Mr Ishaque were very efficient and quickly arranged. The day of the operation was daunting, but Mr Ishaque was attentive, full of reassurance and completely put me at my ease. Since then my injections have been a success, my mobility and agility have improved and whilst I still have twinges of discomfort, I am now pain free most days and this is all thanks to Mr Ishaque, his fantastic, charismatic personality and his surgical technique.

Throughout my consultations, scans and visits, all the staff praised Mr Ishaque and everyone was very complimentary. It made me feel very proud that Mr Ishaque was my consultant. I would happily recommend Mr Ishaque to anyone suffering with back/spinal issues and would not hesitate in consulting with him again in the future, if I ever need further treatment.