My sincere gratitude for what has been life changing treatment.

Robert Wilding

September 2013

At the end of 2008, after months of horrendous pain, I underwent surgery for a Herniated disc following advice that there was no other option but to do so.  
The surgery left me with a lack of mobility that was accompanied with persistent pain and numbness, in less than 4 years I was back to square one with pain that had magnified to its pre-surgery intensity.

Purely by chance I was referred to Mr Ishaque after months of unmanageable pain and immobility.  His attention to detail, explanatory approach and personal reassurance was by far the most positive episode in my treatment over the last 5 years.  Within a month, Mr Ishaque had completed his procedure, without any need for surgery, giving me mobility, pain removal and improved quality of life that I had not experienced since before my initial disc herniation.

Post-procedure, his patient care did not end there. A precise and dedicated course of Physiotherapy coupled with a re-education in dealing with this type of injury and how to avoid further episodes was given.

I cannot thank Mr Ishaque and his team enough. My only regret is that I was not referred to him in 2008 in order that I may have avoided painful surgery, with little or no aftercare in comparison!  Once again, my sincere gratitude for what has been life changing treatment.