Mr Ishaque came to my rescue


December 2012

I suffered a disc herniation in my lower vertebrae in January 2011. I was lucky enough to have been sent to Mr Ishaque through my medical insurance and was thoroughly delighted with the care I was afforded.

Mr Ishaque immediately diagnosed the herniation and sent me for an X-Ray and MRI the next day. Within a week, I was meeting with him again to discuss the results. I have to say, I am often deafened by medical jargon but what exactly had happened to me and why it had happened was explained in a clear and very understandable way and a course of treatments were immediately put in place for me, including a spinal injection (which Mr. Ishaque carried out himself) and physiotherapy. Within 6 weeks of the herniation first occurring, I was back doing day to day activities without pain or issue which I would never have imagined possible at the beginning.

I suffered a relapse in January 2012 and again Mr Ishaque came to my rescue. He asked many questions regarding my daily activities to try and ascertain what may be causing this to reoccur. He suggested a range of solutions that would help reduce the risk of this becoming a regular issue, which largely were very simple changes to my day to day activities but very practical and helpful at the same time.

Mr Ishaque is a very nice, polite, warming person and is clearly at the very top of his profession. His understanding of the mechanics of the body is extensive and the manner in which he conducts himself is very professional, whilst still managing to maintain a very personal touch. I would recommend Mr. Ishaque to anybody who is suffering with back pain; he certainly seems to have the magic touch!