I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Mr Ishaque and his well chosen team.

Jacqui Rose

April 2012

I have just had my 6 month post op x ray and consultation with Mr Ishaque and can honestly say that I am delighted with the outcome after undergoing major surgery at the end of January.

I first saw Mr Ishaque last September when my current bout of back and leg pain that I had endured since March 2011 had not responded to anti inflammatory tablets or a course of chiropractic treatment. I was sent for an X ray and MRI scan after which Mr Ishaque diagnosed spinal stenosis due to a disc bulge and subsequent facet joint arthritis. I was in considerable pain on walking and standing and the sciatic pain was interfering with my ability to care for my physically disabled son, and carry out normal day to day tasks. I was also developing numbness in my lower left leg and foot, and also had symptoms in my right leg.

I was advised to have steroid injections under general anaesthetic, but Mr Ishaque also said from the word go that he would not rule out the need for surgery. Sadly the injections were not as effective as I had hoped and after a full and clearly explained discussion with him I underwent a laminectomy, discectomy and spinal fusion operation in January. Although I was understandably rather nervous I never had any doubt at all in the skill and expertise of both Mr Ishaque and Dr Da Silva who both had a lovely manner and put me at my ease.

My care at The Priory over a six day stay was excellent at all levels, and I was reviewed daily  either Mr Ishaque or Dr Da Silva. Since my discharge I can honestly say that I am amazed at the progress that I have made after such a big operation, particularly given my age. After six weeks I began a physiotherapy programme to which I am totally committed, and has no doubt aided my recovery. I am now swimming and walking regularly and at three months on I am now pain free,  and I am able to care for my son again. The fusion and bone graft has been a total success.

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Mr Ishaque and his well chosen team. I must also mention Linda who I have had to contact on several occasions. I have always found her to be most pleasant and very helpful.  If anyone reading this is looking for a skilful surgeon, and a really nice guy then they should look no further than Mr Ishaque.