Yes he is a lovely man, but more importantly he is a remarkable spinal surgeon.

Brenda Cogzell

May 2016

If you are looking for the very best spinal surgeon to treat your spine as I was, who knows exactly what is needed, and how to do it then I can assure you Mr Ishaque is your man.
I have been a nurse for forty years, and for almost thirty of those years have had episodes of debilitating back and leg pain.
In 2012 after experiencing dreadful  pain  continuously for almost two years, and trying various treatments and medications including Morphine which I found difficult to tolerate, I became desperate, and couldn’t see a future with any quality of life.
Then I met a wonderful spinal surgeon named Mr Mushtaque Ishaque who transformed my life.  After spinal injections under general anaesthetic didn’t relieve the pain, Mr Ishaque performed  eight hours of surgery, which involved major reconstruction using Titanium rods and screws, along  five levels of my spine.
I did very well post-operatively, and was discharged home after eight days.  I returned to work and my ballroom dancing within three months, and three years on have experienced no back pain at all.
This year (2016) I started to experience left hip pain, and my GP requested an x-ray at my local hospital, which reported that the hips were satisfactory but that my spine would require further investigations.  I therefore came to see Mr Ishaque who examined the x-ray forwarded to him from my local hospital, and he identified a problem with the left hip, which was evident on the x-ray, but overlooked  when being reported on.  This certainly demonstrates to me, that although Mr Ishaque isn’t a “hip man” he doesn’t miss a thing.
Finally I would like to mention that when I have visited other departments in the Hospital for scans or x-rays etc. it’s amazing but not surprising how many staff members remark on what a lovely man he is.  Yes he is a lovely man, but more importantly he is a remarkable spinal surgeon.
Thank you Mr Ishaque and also Dr Da Silva consultant Anaesthetist who is also remarkable, and the whole of the team, especially Linda, you will find as I have they are second to none.