When I met Mr Ishaque he immediately put me at ease and understood the pain I was going through.

Diane Price

September 2017

In March 2015 I was suffering from sciatica and in a lot of pain.  I had several sessions with an osteopath but the symptoms were not improving.  My osteopath recommended Mr Ishaque because she thought steroid injections may help me.  When I met Mr Ishaque he immediately put me at ease and understood the pain I was going through.  My MRI scan showed a cyst and a disc bulge both pressing on the sciatic nerve and spondylolisthesis.  I was soon booked in to have my first injections followed by physiotherapy.
Following the procedure I felt some pain relief but I still needed anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain.  I discussed with Mr Ishaque trying the injections again which I did in July 2016 but unfortunately I felt very little relief.  Mr Ishaque ordered another MRI scan which showed that the cyst had doubled in size within six months.  The only sensible option left was surgery, the pain was so severe I couldn’t work or enjoy life.  Mr Ishaque explained the surgery in detail and was very reassuring.
I had the surgery in September 2015. Within a week of surgery I was well enough to go home and start the slow process of recovery.  I finally returned to work in April 2016.   It gives me great pleasure to thank Mr Ishaque who is without doubt a very talented surgeon, Dr Da Silva for explaining his role and his words of comfort in theatre, Linda for your kindness, the physiotherapists for giving me the confidence to stand up and walk and all the nursing staff at BMI priory who helped me to recover.  I now have my life back and I can enjoy doing all things that I did before surgery including climbing a few hills and mountains.
Thank you all