The whole team put me at ease


May 2011

Having been plagued with back problems for the past few years, when my back went twice in 6 months, and I was unable to work, even after a few weeks off sick, I was referred by my GP to Mr Mushtaque A. Ishaque for further investigation. I had a consultation at the BMI Priory Hospital, an X Ray and an MRI scan later that same day and a week later I had my diagnosis, a rather nasty prolapse disc.  Everything was explained to me in great detail, I was even shown the scan and xrays.A week or so later I was admitted as a day case to the Priory Hospital for a bilateral dorsal root ganglion block, epidurogram and epidural.  I had a general anaesthetic and the procedure went extremely well.  I arrived at 1pm to be taken up to my room and I was back home again just before 7pm.  I received reassuring visits from both Mr Ishaque who performed the injections and the anaesthetist Dr E J da Silva.  They put my mind at rest as I was very nervous before going down to theatre.  The whole team put me at ease in theatre before I was anaesthetised and I cannot explain the relief when I came round from the anaesthetic pain free for the first time in years.  I was given a detailed phased return to work programme from Mr Ishaque to ensure that the back recovered well and I eased back into work over time.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ishaque and his team to anyone who has put up with back pain for years as I did when there really is no need.  I wish I’d done this years ago.