Thank you to everyone in the team and at the priory especially thanks to Mr Ishaque, you are an inspiration

Joanne Dolan

April 2013

When Mr Ishaque told me about the fracture in my spine, the slipped disc, the trapped nerve, the scoliosis and the deformed vertabrae I cried, I wasn't scared, I was relieved that there was something wrong and there was something he could do. I had been in pain for years and was told it was sciatica and just kept being referred for physio. Considering the huge operation I would need to put it all back together and the long rehab, my sister said to me "imagine your life without back pain" so I tried and couldn't. It was my sisters encouragement and also the confidence from the loveliest consultant you will ever meet that convinced me that it was the right thing to do.

It wasn't easy, it has been a long road, physio and lots of drugs but now, 1 year on I am training in the gym 5 times a week, I go to Pilates and have gone back to my beloved yoga! I am not as flexible as I used to be, with a 2 stage fusion I'm not going to be.

Last week I touched my toes for the first time and I did a headstand (I didn't tell Mr Ishaque that bit)! If you are considering surgery you have to put your commitment into the rehab, doing the physio, exercising, looking after your body. I also stopped smoking, on Mr Ishaques recommendation, and haven't gone back.

I just want to say a bit about my care in the hospital, It was such an emotive experience but I was looked after so well, Dr DaSilva was so kind and caring, my recuperation was his main focus he was there to help me get up on my feet, literally holding my hand, I'll never forget that.

Mr Isahque's knowledge, skills and expertise has changed my life. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful scar that everybody compliments!! I am not in any pain and I am back leading a full life.

Thank you to everyone in the team and at the priory especially thanks to Mr Ishaque, you are an inspiration, the work you do and the hours you put in are incredible, you deserve so much praise, it's not just making people better its giving them a new lease of life!