My life is back and I canโ€™t thank Professor Ishaque and the team enough.Onwards and upwards.๐Ÿ‘

Richard Kendrick

September 2021

“ When I walked into see Professor Ishaque in early June I had excruciating leg pain. The MRI scan from Heath Lodge showed a Herniated disc at L5/S1. Professor Ishaque showed me this clearly and explained to me that the first course of action would be a nerve root block injection which I could have at Heath Lodge clinic in Knowle. He also explained clearly that it may not work 1st time and may require up to 2 further injections before ruling this out as a remedy and moving onto more invasive treatment. In early July I had the injection at Heath Lodge. For the first 1-2 weeks the improvement was minimal but as time moved on it began to improve. After week 3 I was walking 5 mile a day and during the 4th week I was swimming for over 20 minutes consistently. Today I have been given the all clear to slowly return to work as an Electrician and after only 1 injection.Professor Ishaque and His team have been second to none. Explained all the way through with perfect analogy’s for the lay man to understand. My life is back and I can’t thank Professor Ishaque and the team enough.Onwards and upwards.๐Ÿ‘”.