During the COVID-19 pandemic Professor Ishaque is still able to offer remote consultations and treatment to those suffering from back pain and leg pain. Please contact us for further details.

Mr Ishaque is a superb orthopaedic surgeon, I trusted him with my life, and he gave me my life back.

Jerry Quickenden

February 2020

In late 2018 I started to experience severe back pain, which escalated rapidly to a pain severity so extreme I didn't know it was possible, and a loss of use of my right leg. I had the report from an NHS MRI scan which contained no diagnosis, and I was taking 5 different pain killers including oral morphine. I found Mr Ishaque through an online search and saw him very quickly. He examined me and did an x-ray and another MRI scan within days, followed by a diagnosis of a spinal cyst. He explained clearly what was wrong with me, what he knew and did not know from the scans etc, what the options were, and recommended a series of spinal pain-relieving injections over time, starting immediately, to relieve the pain and reduce the cyst, to allow the cyst to burst, thus avoiding dangerous and intrusive spinal surgery. From the first injection the pain relief was immediate, and after 3 injections over about 7 months, all on day surgery, the pain was much lower, and an MRI confirmed that the cyst had burst. I was left with nerve damage from the cyst and facet joint arthritis. Mr Ishaque then carried out a Denervex Rhizolysis procedure on 3 vertebrae to reduce the pain from the arthritic facet joints and prescribed a long course of aggressive physiotherapy to rebuild my wasted muscles. I have now been signed off, some 15 months after I first met Mr Ishaque, and I am so pleased with the outcome, and that it had all been done through Mr Ishaque’ s diagnostic skills and precision injection techniques rather than surgery. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ishaque is a superb orthopaedic surgeon, I trusted him with my life, and he gave me my life back.