It's been over 3 months now and I can do everything I need to.

S Sehmar

September 2011

I had been having pains down one side of my buttock and following down the back of the leg for several months, I went to see Mr Ishaque and after having an MRI scan he confirmed that I had a prolapsed disc and had to have an operation. A month later I was in hospital for the operation, just after having the operation I woke-up as I was being taken to my room, feeling no pain what so ever, the nurses made sure I had full movement of my legs and feet before they left me with my family.  The following day I got out of bed with the help of the phyisio, initially I felt a stiff and some pain whilst getting up but no pain as I walked around the room, during the evening I walked around my room for about 2 hours and again the following morning for over 3 hours, the more I walked the better I felt and it gave me more movement back to my back and leg stride. 

Sitting was a little awkward at first as I wasn't able to sit for more than 20 minutes as I felt some pain but I slowly built that 20 minutes to hours during the next 4 weeks with the constant walking throughout day and keeping up with the physio exercises. I started work on the sixth week as my job was office based, I made sure I regularly had breaks and walked around just so I wasn’t sitting for long periods. It's been over 3 months now and I can do everything I need to however I'm still careful as to what I lift.