I will always owe him a debt of gratitude for what he has done for me and for my family.

Mrs R W

March 2011

Over a number of years I have experienced intermittent periods of back pain which have been treated with physiotherapy.  However, in June 2011 a more severe episode concerned my physiotherapist, and she referred me to Mr Ishaque via my G.P. My husband contacted Mr Ishaque’s Private Secretary to make the arrangements. We both appreciated her help and understanding  throughout.  My first consultation took place on 24th June, and a week later after the scans, I saw him to hear his diagnosis. I will never forget how carefully and kindly he explained the extent of damage to my spine, it was certainly more of a problem than I had anticipated - and I admit quite ‘scary’. He explained what was involved to repair the damage and how the operation would achieve this, if I were agreeable. I knew straight away that the answer was ‘yes’, the alternative would in due course be disintegration of the spine and paralysis. It was an important factor that I felt confident in and trusted Mr Ishaque and believed that he could help me. It was a ‘leap of faith’ - but ultimately a ‘leap’ well founded.

The operation took place at The Priory Hospital, Edgbaston. Mr Ishaque and Dr Da Silva (the anaesthetist) both came to see me in my room before the operation. They both explained sensitively and in some detail, what they needed to do during the operation.  Mr Ishaque came to see me in the ITU and I was delighted to see him and for his reassurance that the operation had gone well.

I was in hospital for six full days and the work I did with the physiotherapy staff enabled me to walk out of the hospital on discharge. I was delighted to achieve this as it was the first step in my ‘normalisation process’.  The care and treatment I received at the Priory Hospital was excellent, the nursing staff  were kind, supportive and encouraging.

However, the final words must go to Mr Ishaque. Not only did he give me my life back, using his outstanding skill as a surgeon, in addition his personal qualities are of the highest order. I believe that Mr Ishaque treats the whole person, not just their physical problem. He has that rare combination of supreme surgical skills, and at the same time the innate ability to connect so brilliantly with his patients.

I will always owe him a debt of gratitude for what he has done for me and for my family.