I saw Mr Ishaque at his consulting rooms, I immediately felt at ease with him.

Michael Powell

February 2012

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Mr Mushtaque Ishaque, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, who operated on me October 10th 2011 at Priory Hospital, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

My name is Michael Powell, aged 53.  I have always led an active life doing physical building work and partaking in sport all of my life.  I was playing 5 a side football up until last summer when I had my back problem. I had an aching back for around 2 years, but although annoying it was not bad enough to stop me doing anything.  In July 2011 all this changed, my backache became more severe and before long I started experiencing sciatica pain in my right leg. I was reluctant to go to my local hospital so my GP referred me to Mr Ishaque, by this time I was in terrible pain and barely able to walk.

My first appointment came through after 2 weeks.  I saw Mr Ishaque at his consulting rooms, I immediately felt at ease with him.  An MRI scan was quickly arranged and my medication adjusted. The MRI showed that I had congenital stenosis of the L3, L4 and L5 vertebrae, basically the canal was narrow and becoming even more so.

I had also developed a synovial cyst which was putting extra pressure on the nerves resulting in what was now excruciating pain.
Mr Ishaque arranged for a cortisone injection.  I had this under a light general anaesthetic at the Priory Hospital as a day case.
After 4 weeks there was no improvement so I had another consultation with Mr Ishaque.  After discussion, it was decided I needed an operation.  This was done at the earliest available opportunity.  The operation took 4 hours; it involved removal of the cyst and also removal of bone from the vertebrae to open up the canal.  I spent 3 nights in hospital and was seen every day by Mr Ishaque.  I was able to walk again the day after the operation, all the pain in my leg had instantly gone.

After physiotherapy, I was able to increase my movement gradually walking more.  After 3 months I have resumed sporting activities.  I will not play football again, but play golf twice a week a week.

At all times I have received an excellent standard of care from Mr Ishaque and his team delivered in a professional, friendly way. Putting me at ease in what were difficult times, I have every confidence in Mr Ishaque and would not hesitate to use him again if needed. I recommend that anybody looking for expert medical treatment in this very exacting field to contact Mr Ishaque.  Thank you for putting my life back on track.