During the COVID-19 pandemic Professor Ishaque is still able to offer remote consultations and treatment to those suffering from back pain and leg pain. Please contact us for further details.

I have found Professor Ishaque very open and honest about my condition and very clear around what to expect.

Peter Moore

April 2021

A few years ago I began suffering from pain in my lower back, which grew steadily worse over time to the point where I decided to seek medical help. Initial consultations, not with Professor Ishaque, concentrated around hip damage but the scans showed everything was fine and the only advice I was given was to have physiotherapy. This didn’t help at all but fortunately my physiotherapist recommended Professor Ishaque and I’m very glad she did. An MRI scan and consultation later he had identified the problem and recommended an injection. Whilst the operation was done under general anaesthetic it was very straightforward with no real discomfort, and involved a very relaxing day at Priory Hospital watching the cricket. It immediately stopped the pain, allowing me to live life without having to worry about the pain payback the following day. 

The pain started to reoccur about 8 years later, probably due to me carrying my new granddaughter around and not being careful. However, I’m pleased to say that following a simple repeat of the the procedure I am no longer in constant pain. This time it was just half a day at Heath Lodge clinic but no cricket unfortunately. 

On both occasions I have found Professor Ishaque very open and honest about my condition and very clear around what to expect. On both occasions I have gone from taking painkillers nearly every day to being able to manage my condition without them. Inevitably there is still some stiffness but provided I monitor my back I am able to ride my bike, spend time in the garden and even carry my granddaughter in a child backpack without the pain that would have occurred before.

I am delighted with the results of my treatment, which has always been very prompt, professional and most importantly effective. I would certainly recommend Professor Ishaque to anyone seeking help for back pain.

Peter Moore