I’d like to thank Mr Ishaque for all his expertise, help and support.

Simon Booth

September 2011

I’m very grateful to Mr Ishaque for his professionalism and humour during a difficult time.  I was referred to Mr Ishaque by my GP in July 2011 following worsening lower back pain and additional, worrying symptoms.  Mr Ishaque acted promptly, diagnosing the problem and preventing life changing damage to the nerves in my spinal cord. 

At my first consultation Mr Ishaque advised an MRI scan which I had within a few days.  Later that week, Mr Ishaque talked me through my scan results which showed a “massive central disc herniation with significant cauda equina compression”.  Mr Ishaque sensitively advised that my back problem was at a critical stage and that he should operate that day to prevent serious, permanent repercussions.  This came as a complete shock to me but Mr Ishaque handled this perfectly, clearly explaining my options and their associated risks and a typical post-operative rehabilitation period.  Mr Ishaque gave me the time I needed to process the information, ask questions and make an informed decision.  He also welcomed objections from a concerned parent handling them with humility.  Mr Ishaque subsequently rearranged his personal schedule to carry out the procedure that evening and also visited during the following days to check on my progress.

My post-operative consultations with Mr Ishaque were very positive, professional and light hearted, allowing plenty of time to address my questions.  I’d like to thank Mr Ishaque for all his expertise, help and support.