I believe he is an excellent surgeon and most of all one of the “good guys”.

Gill Hubble

January 2012

I have been a patient of Mr Ishaque’s for over two years.  I have had back problems for over twenty years and had an operation on my spine in 1986.  It was never that successful as I still had pain in the sciatic nerve.  I learned to live with this pain and over the years had good and bad periods.  In 2009 I started to experience chronic pain and my quality of life was pretty miserable.  I tried to carry on as normal but it was becoming more and more difficult to cope with the constant pain.

I was referred to Mr Ishaque and he said that he believed that he could get me free of pain and improve my quality of life.  In December 2009 I had an injection in my spine and although I had some relief after a while the pain come back.  After seeing Mr Ishaque on a number of occasions after that at his clinic and had many discussions with him the decision was made that I would have an operation on my spine.  I am afraid that as I am not a surgeon I cannot use the correct terminology for what procedures were carried out but the operation was long and complicated.  Prior to my surgery Mr Ishaque spent extensive time with me explaining all the risks and benefits regarding my surgery.  He always explained to me what was going to happen and always showed me the MRI scans and x-rays so that I could see what was wrong with my spine and how he was going to tackle the problem.

On 14th June 2010 I had my operation.  When I woke in intensive care many hours later the thing I noticed straightaway is that the pain had gone from my leg and foot.  My recovery took over six months but the sciatica has never come back.  I cannot tell anyone how marvellous this is because I have lived with that pain for more than a third of my life. 

Mr Ishaque and his team at the Priory Hospital were so professional but also very friendly, compassionate, caring and reassuring.  Mr Ishaque is so approachable I never once felt that I could not ask him a question and I knew that whatever I asked he would answer me truthfully and in language that I understood.

On a personal level and the reason I am writing this testimonial is without Mr Ishaque’s skills, knowledge, expertise and talent as a surgeon my future would have looked very grim.     I believe he is an excellent surgeon and most of all one of the “good guys”.