He listened carefully and was able to answer all of our questions very clearly.

Monica Hynes

October 2020

I was suffering with intense back pain which affected my whole lower body. I could barely walk, I couldn't sit comfortably, I couldn't drive and I just could not sleep. All of this, on top of the coronavirus pandemic, made for a very miserable time. A doctor that had previously treated my arthritis recommended Mr Ishaque. He was aware that Mr Ishaque would only ever suggest an operation as a last resort. This was something that I was happy to hear. After initial consultation and confirmation from an MRI, Mr Ishaque diagnosed trapped nerves and believed that they could be successfully treated with injections. He (obviously) couldn't make any guarantees but his confidence was reassuring. Because of the pandemic nobody was allowed to accompany me into the clinic when I attended for the injections. I was very, very nervous and in a lot of pain. The environment was calm, I was quickly put at ease by the staff and I immediately felt more relaxed. I was in and out of the clinic within a few hours. Within a day or so I was feeling a lot better. Over ten weeks on, all the medication has left my body as has my pain. There are no signs of any trapped nerves. My consultations were by telephone appointment which my daughter 'attended' with me. Mr Ishaque called when he said he would, was clear and thoroughly explained everything with the use of analogies, some of which did cause a few laughs. He listened carefully and was able to answer all of our questions very clearly. From the initial referral to having the injections it was just a couple of weeks. At all times I had first class treatment, not just from Mr Ishaque but from his whole team - admin and medical alike. I had thought that I would never drive, walk to the shops or sleep again. I am now doing all of these things and am delighted. I cannot recommend Mr Ishaque and his team highly enough.

Thank you all !